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Our classes range from beginners to advanced, and offer a fun way of progressing your core exercises steadily and regularly.
Most of our students stay on after their first course, creating an easy going and encouraging atmosphere.
You will receive hands on attention throughout your classes to perfect your performance according to your specific anatomy and goals.


Beginners course:

This course aims to introduce the students to the Pilates Foundations repertoire, which are a varied set of exercises in standing, sitting, and on the mat. It is suitable for everyone who is new to Pilates or wishes to get to grips with their core muscles, in a gradual way and in a supportive environment.
The course runs for six weeks (6x 55 min classes), and is preceded by an individual assessment to establish your baseline.

Each student is assessed individually before starting their course, to determine their level and to develop a mutual understanding of strengths and weaknesses: this ensures the classes are safe and specific to the student’s needs.

When: Wednesday 7:00-7:55pm

Where: Emmanuel Centre, 96 Clive Road, London SE21 8BU


Click here to book or feel free to email for details.


Intermediate and advanced course
Intermediate and advanced courses are a natural progression from the beginners class, in which advanced exercise progressions are gradually inserted into the repertoire.

When: Wednesday 8:00-8:55pm

Where: Emmanuel Centre, 96 Clive Road, London SE21 8BU


Individual classes:
Individual tuition helps work on particular goals and focus deeply for maximal results. It is ideal if you are recovering from an injury, are easing yourself back into exercise, are returning to fitness after childbirth or if you have a specific sports goal you are working to achieve.
This is an excellent opportunity to address the body holistically and benefit from the professional expertise of the Physiotherapist-led session to hone precision.
After the initial assessment, a special treatment plan will be established, with the opportunity of developing a specific exercise programme suited to the individual’s specific needs.
The individual sessions last 50 mins, with the opportunity of booking blocks of 4 or 8 sessions.


Pilates at home:
Individual sessions can be carried out at the student’s home on request: please contact us for arrangements at